The Power of Fragrances

by Javed Rozani

A fresh coffee reminds us of bright and peaceful beginnings to each morning. The scent of pine reminds us of Christmas morning and presents wrapped under the tree. Why is this so?Fragrances are made up of tiny scent molecules, which are pick up by cilia in the human nasal cavity. The cilia are responsible for triggering signals to different parts of the brain to process the incoming olfactory signals.


This signal reception correlates scents to memories, physical and emotional responses based on how the brain has perceived the scent molecule.


In addition, fragrances can influence how attracted we may be to another individual and enhance our perception of the individual’s physical appearance. A likable odor can trigger an emotional and physical response to become infatuated and physically attracted to another individual.


Furthermore, once a scent is associated with a particular individual, the scent an positively or negatively impact individuals processing these odors.


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